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Cyrus Follows A Mature & Time Tested Process

Cyrus Technoedge uses the latest problem-solving techniques to deliver better products and services

The transecdent process

Get best results with Cyrus Technoedge Project Management Process

  • Project Planning

    Determining business application goal High level requirement document Technical recommendations High level requirement specification .

    Project Planning

  • Analysis Requirements

    Software Requirement Specification Use Case specification & diagram Requirement Traceability matrix.

    Planning & Analysis

  • Designing Product Architecture

    Architectural Diagrams, High level and Low level class diagram, Entity relationship diagram, Data flow diagram, Deployment diagram, Wireframes, Test Plan .

    Designing Product Architecture

  • Visualization Product

    Work out the Visual Concept, Style, Colors, and Visual elements Visual Representation of one or several screens Create Mockups for your Product Estimate for development and testing.

    Visualization Product

  • Software or Product Development

    Here, the project is divided into discreet segments as the software code is tested and revised accordingly. With each new iteration, features can be added based on your feedback and tested until they’re fully functional. Throughout this process, we make sure to continually update our clients on the project status and inform them of all the milestones we’ve passed.

    Software or Product Development

  • Optimization & Polishing

    Product is responsive, smooth and fast Optimize the product all along the way and boost its performance Polish the product to ensure a user experience Product is created both meaningful and delightful.

    Optimization & Polishing

  • Testing Product

    After optimization is complete and all the features finalized, we begin stringently testing the software one last time. Any bugs or performance-hitches are eliminated until the product is running smoothly. Based on feedback from our Quality Control managers, our designers and engineers make any final adjustments to the software.

    By the end of QA, the product is customer-ready.

    Testing the Product

  • Launch Product

    After a final consultation and strategy meeting with our clients After the meeting Software is ready to distribute Product gets to its intended users and achieves maximum market penetration.

    Launch Product

  • Deployment & Maintenance

    Just because we’ve designed and deployed your product doesn’t mean our job is over. Cyrus Technoedge is there to help with updates, queries and general consultation. Our professional support staff will assist in any way they can.

    Deployment & Maintenance

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