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Money Transfer API

Your own Money Transfer Software with API, White Label API for creating b2b money portal

Money Transfer API

Cyrus Technoedge Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Money Transfer API Solution with IMPS technology is one of the most challenging services these days in India. Become DMTS (Domestic Money Transfer Software) retailer to send money on behalf of your clients. Since India is the 2nd largest Country in the World by the populace. Most of the citizens are still not associated with the bank. The amount of banks in the country or a semi urban area is still very small. If a customer goes to the bank for transferring money to his relatives, He has to waste long time and require to wait in line. This is why people like better to stay DMTS retailer for money transfer.

Build your own Money Transfer Software with API, White Label API for creating b2b money portal. Create distributors & Retailers.

Best features (For Customers):

Instant Fund Transfer: IMPS allows immediate money transfer to any bank anytime (24×7) as well as Sunday or bank leaves.

No Documents: No documents require (Identity proof or Address proof) for opening an account or transferring money. You just require a mobile number to register and verify.

Easy & Suitable: You just need to reach any nearby retailer instead of incisive or waiting in line up. Agents can help for transfer money immediately to the recipient.

Save your time: You can move toward your agent as per your ease or call him for help. You can save your valuable time and not to speculate for penetrating bank.


How will work your Money Transfer Portal API

 Transfer Portal API
  • Money Transfer API - Get money transfer portal api to create your own money remittance portal. It can assist you to obtain start your own money portal for a domestic fund transfer facility.
  • White Label Solution - We have developed a White Label Solution to give you enhanced and suitable way to start your own brand money portal. It is an organized software solution with better admin characteristic and applications.
  • Software development - Build your own money transfer software for starting a money transfer website. Check our B2B software having diverse levels (Agent/Retailer, Distributor) and white label aspect to increase your trade.
  • API based White Label - Cyrus provides b2b white label money transfer software with API or website. It is a complete solution to open your money transfer and mobile recharge business. You can make distributor and retailers. Easy tools to handle services and customers. Improved admin aspects to deal with your website without any technical skill.

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