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Businesses Love Cyrus Technoedge. Don’t believe us? Read for yourself

  • "One of the best Web Development company in jaipur, I work here currently, and the working culture and team is awesome. Would love to work here always I get the chance."

    Surya Kumawat

    Head - Corporate Operations
  • "Very good company for learning , Helpful staff, Supportive management and great place to work and innovate in a flexible time line"

    Vipin Soni

    Sr.Web Developer
  • "An amazing experience of my life is working in Best Cyrus. I enjoy work here. Management is very supportive and guide me at every step. "

    Krishan Dadhich

    Sr. UI & Web Designer
  • "We learned a lot of practical things rather than theory.Had my best digital marketing training from here. Best team and best trainer i had in my training time. Friendly Environment."


  • "best place for enhance your knowledge with a good working environment, Best place for .net Developer in Jaipur"

    Mohini Bengani

    Sr. Relationship Manager
  • "Best MLM Software company in Jaipur. They have a great team. Highly recommended"

    Mukesh Sabbal

    SEO Engineer
  • "I started my carrier from this company, I worked here almost 2 years. Very good and joyful environment. Employee friendly company provides good services to employees. Also company believes in delivering quality software solutions services to their clients. Management is very friendly and helpful from all the way. They appreciate their employees like quarterly, annual awards etc. It's my owner to work with Cyrus team."

    Dinesh Yadav

    Web Developer
  • "Had good experiences while working over there...learning purposes.. communication.. friendly environment.."

    Amisha Agarwal

    Web Developer
  • "I belong to a team that is open to new ideas with emphasis on values. Cyrus has never failed to recognize all the good work that I have done while encouraging me to learn more."

    Vinay Sharma

    Technical Support Engineer
  • Cyrus is a fun place to work. Along with the regular work schedule, there are many activities for everyones interest. I have seen people filled with passion; however, passion + excellence are the only combination I have seen in my 4 years with Cyrus.

    Ajay Giri

    General Manager
  • The unanticipated, yet superb company culture is probably my favorite distinguishing feature about working here

    Sandeep Panchal

    Head Technical Support
  • "Cyrus Technoedge is the best company in India for which I am working. I really appreciate that management knows who I am and knows my name."

    Anil Tailor

    Sr. Project Manager
  • I am very pleased to working with this team. I have got wonderful Team of software Development who are very dedicated person for their own project.

    Raju Singh

    Sr. Software Developer
  • Great Place, great people, good company Good work life balance, good place, and good location in Cyrus. I said that

    Pinky Kumawat

  • "Each year, I am exposed to new roles in which I learn new technologies, contribute to a diverse range of projects and accept new, exciting challenges."

    Shubham Sharma

    .Net Developer
  • Cyrus Technoedge Solutions Pvt. Ltd has an exceptionally friendly and diverse staff that welcomed me into their family with open arms."

    Shailesh Joshi

    .Net Developer
  • "Cyrus respect the logical experience of employees and customers and prepare the solution on customer satisfaction with interaction of global need."

    Anshul Agarwal

    .Net Developer
  • "Cyrus respect the logical experience of employees and customers and prepare the solution on customer satisfaction with interaction of global need."

    Preetam Jaishwal

    .Net Developer
  • There was always so much to learn from the roles that were assigned to me and the people I worked with

    Jyoti Budania

    .Net Developer
  • Great environment and Development management always listen the employee problem especially Sachin Sir is too helpful.

    Deepika Chalana

    .Net Developer
  • "I thoroughly enjoy the culture, and our management always makes themselves available for questions and insight. Overall, my team makes my job fun!"

    Harish Patidhar

    Sr. Software Developer
  • During my 3 years at Cyrus Technoedge I never cease to be impressed by the number of custom solutions that has delivered to solve our clients key business challenges.

    Lokesh Saini

    Sr. Software Developer
  • "Cyrus is a good Company for Fresher and Experienced person and is really a good place to work."

    Swapnil sande

    Sr. Android Developer
  • Cyrus is not only a great place to begin any career, it is also a wonderful place to develop a successful career

    Pradeep Goyal

    Android Developer
  • "Cyrus has everything a professional need. Good Projects. Good Salary. Super flexibility. Time bound salary. Respect and attention."

    Rekha Vaishnav

    Android Developer
  • Cyrus is a great place to start a career. A typical day starts off with free breakfast and coffee and you're already motivated to start working.

    Nalani Jain

    Sr. Web Designer
  • Dynamic and diverse environment. Growing fast with some growing pains. Great mission and it really is respected and brought up all the time.

    Deepak Jangid

    Web Designer
  • Cyrus is devoted to building a great product and a great culture. The leadership is transparent with goals and they invite feedback on regular Q/A webinars.

    Pawan kumawat

    Web Designer
  • Everyone seems to enjoy it here and has the right balance between fun and productivity.

    Deepak Agarwal

    Sr. SEO Expert
  • Great company to work for. The Benefits are great. Time off is great. Boss is great. Culture is great. No complaints from me none at all.

    Poonam Diwakar

    SEO Expert
  • Cyrus believes in the power of ideas and ideapreneurs and it is this believe, which enables each of us to push the boundaries in whatever field we belong to and to do great, ground breaking work.

    Sumit Saini

    Business Development Executive
  • One of the best places to work in India. Well-equipped and maintained. A place where people emphasize more on contributing and using open source. Simplicity is written all over this place.

    Nitish Nehra

    Business Development Executive
  • Cyrus helped me grow inside the company, but gave me opportunities to develop my analytical and interpersonal skills. Cyrus is its young and multicultural environment.

    Ravikant Verma

    Business Development Executive
  • At Cyrus, I have been promote to learn and develop new skills. I have been given the responsibility of managing both people and projects and these opportunities have allowed me to grow professionally.

    Palak Jain

    Marketing Executive
  • Cyrus is consistently good in performance, credible, dependable, and a name I trust over the years.

    Tarun Bansal

    Business Development Executive
  • The benefit of working on different projects with different customers means that I am always widening my professional skills and experience whilst growing as an individual.

    Dheeraj Paswani

    Business Development Executive
  • The complete journey of working with Cyrus for my job was awesome. I really feel wonderful by their dedication that the developers and designers have given to the entire process

    Mohit Mohaboia

    Marketing Executive
  • It has been 3 months since I joined Cyrus and within this small period, I have got ample opportunities to work with. The management is open to new ideas from employees. There are extra technical training's/ sessions being conducted which always gives you the opportunity to grow.

    Lekhraj Paharia

    Sales Executive
  • Cyrus focuses on getting the best out of the employee. Regular cultural group activities are fun and help the employees to know each other better. The work environment is positive and the colleagues are helpful.


    SEO Expert
  • The atmosphere at Cyrus is very cooperative and supportive, which I think is rare in todays workplace. While many of my friends are searching for new more satisfying jobs, I know, I am very fortunate that I am working at Cyrus.

    Sonu Sharma

    SEO Expert
  • Cyrus Technoedge is an organization that teaches you to think positive! Tell yourself that you can change and you can do the things you desire! Cyrus provides its employees with ample opportunities to succeed and grow as a professional. I just want to say that I am proud to be a part of Team Cyrus.

    Shital Khandelwal

    Software Developer
  • Its been more than 4 years with Cyrus and it has proven to be a great place to grow professionally and personally. It is inspiring to work for an organization that encourages growth and offers opportunities for career advancement.

    Mahesh Kumawat

    Software Developer
  • In Cyrus Technoedge experience or designation has less bearing on role you get to play but what really count here is the IDEAs you bring to table. You can write your name on a Brick, a Wall or entire Building riding on your ideas and perseverance to execute them

    Pushpendra Ponia

    Android Developer
  • The most reliable company offering employees job satisfaction clubbed with job stability. Cyrus provides a wide range of growth opportunities, suitable to the skills and caliber of Employees.

    Sunil Dadhich

    Web Designer
  • Its an organization which gives you many opportunities to excel and also empowers to achieve organizational and personal goals simultaneously. The management treat you as an Entrepreneur and not an employee. Hence, its a place for those who want to be self-driven

    Sagar Sharma

    Business Development Executive
  • At Cyrus, I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most brilliant minds I have ever come across in the six years I have spent with the company. Today, as we stand on the verge of becoming a payments bank, I can envision an exciting and impactful future for Cyrus

    Deepak Choudhary

    Software Developer

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