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Interactive Voice Response

Cyrus offers customized IVR solutions to the exceeding industries based on their necessities

IVR Solutions

IVR stands for "Interactive Voice Response" system is a technology that allows callers to interrelate with pre-recorded audio which directs to carry on further. In telecommunications, IVR permits callers to cooperate with an organization's pre-recorded system by recognizing the words that are used as a self service application for their wrongs by following the IVR conversation. This system is generally recognized as automated attendant which assists to cut expenses on human agents, reduce operating costs and get better customers' experiences.


Develop Customer Service

Develop Customer Service

Develop Customer Service

Customer Prioritization Based on Dialed number

Develop Customer Service

Service With Selected Language

Develop Customer Service

Call logs Accessible For Auditing

Some Business Sectors Use IVR Solution

Transport Industry

Reservation, Enquiry and status

Medical Industry

Appointment, Reporting, and instant alert.


Transaction & Account Information


Customized IVR solutions.



Information,Service Activation

Service Industry

Scheduling of Service and Customer Support.


Enquiry, Stock Update


IVR is an Essential Part of a Call Centre

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