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NBFC Software

NBFC Software company giving Economical Cost Valuable services & resourceful.

NBFC Software

Cyrus Technoedge provide an online based NBFC Software built mainly for NBFC with automatic posting of business information to accounts part. Cyrus is a .NET based database online software for NBFC with many components such Recurring Deposits, Fixed Deposit, Loan to Customers, Dividend declarations , Monthly Income Schemes , Daily Deposit Schemes, etc. Cyrus manages the Members’ details, all FD A/C, RD A/C, Management of Pass book and Bond, all kinds of Loan operations, Automatic Interest Calculations, Printing Loan Ledger.

Cyrus is the most well known and experienced NBFC Software provider Company in with around 6+ years of experience in making Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC) Software. We are offering web design & development solutions for companies or individuals concerned with outsourcing their web design & application development requirements. We are expert in creating stunning website designs that Appreciably enhance the sales and earnings for big and medium-sized businesses. We have a professional team of web design & development experts with experience of making websites to help develop our client's business through valuable design and online marketing.

Cyrus is an NBFC Software company giving Economical Cost Valuable services with, resourceful and single designing from our Designers team. The RD FD Software Company also offers services and advertising work from India at very low cost with proficientand eminence work that, when any one wants an NBFC Software company, then Please visit our Website at http://www.nbfc NBFC Software Company

Cyrus is providing fully secured web based Loan Management Software used all types of Loans Users can easily create a Paperless Loan File and process further for Loan Approval online We covers the entire life cycle of a loan Management right Like: Loan Product definition, File Processing and documentation, Loan Amount Calculation, Billing, processing of Loan Accounts, foreclosure, and termination Cyrus provides document management solutions for all types of Loan Companies.

Cyrus is the best NBFC Software provider in India, We offer Micro Finance Management software and Mini Banking Software in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune India.

Plans of NBFC Software

  • Personal Loan Software
  • Vehicle Loan Software
  • Gold Loan Software
  • Agriculture Loan Software
  • Property / Housing Loan Software
  • Software for Loan Against Deposits
  • Education Loan Software
  • Business Loan Software
  • Micro Finance Loan Software
  • Mortgage Loan Software
  • Career Loan Software
  • Machinery Loan Software
  • Commercial Loan Software

Feature of NBFC Software

Dynamic Settings to Create Loan Schemes, Define Interest Rate, Ranking settings, commissions settings

  • Monthly Scheme
  • Weekly Scheme
  • Advance Scheme
  • Make Loan Scheme
  • Define Interest Rate
  • EMI Compound Interest
  • Vehicle Finance Company
  • Multiple interest rates as per no of days
  • LTV calculation as per RBI guidelines
  • Manage loan officer, agent information, agent commission
  • Insert Loan Detail including ID Proof, Nominee Details, PDC Cheques, Photo, Signature et.
  • PDC Detail
  • Payment History
  • Defaulter List
  • Installment Scheme
  • Set Loan tenure
  • Installment Due Date
  • Release Loan Amount
  • Loan Disbursement
  • Loan Maturity Detail
  • Emi Collection by PDC
  • Emi Collection of Cheques/Cash
  • Insert Loan Detail including Nominee Details, ID Proof, checks, Photo
  • Loan installment schedule with payment details, late fee, processing fee, cheque return charges

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