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ERP Software Solution

Web Based ERP software provided by Cyrus Technoedge Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are completely customized and cover all necessary to run a business size of a corporation. It almost offers all processes initial from an opening to final release of the product to the customers. It has several features appropriate for various businesses, particularly for distributed verticals such as delivery, comprehensive and manufacturing.

CYRUS, ERP is a reasonable, incorporated business management solution that provides the complete range of capabilities required to run your business in most operative manner.

By choosing our ERP solution, your business can improve the operational processes, and financial efficiencies, strategic alignment and human Resource. With enhanced enterprise efficiency and insight from the ERP solution, you have the control needed to conforming quickly and cost effectively to varying business, marketplace, and industry necessities with CYRUS’s ERP solutions.

With CYRUS you can get ERP software solutions that cover all business processes in your industrial or business service. Our Industry specified solutions guarantee that you get what is important for your Business and you get that quicker and at lowest cost of ownership.

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An ERP Solution Should Help You

Create the essential financial and other reporting that is required to realize regulatory obedience.

Fast-moving flow to support streamline manufacturing and decrease inventory costs.

Meet the unique requirements of your industry with specific functionality custom-made to your business processes.

Cyrus's clients benefit from advanced product capability and features that only CYRUS can provide.

Cyrus's ERP solution is supported by a network of offices and partners global to provide the services you require to address your company's business requirements.

Our ERP Solution will seamlessly incorporate and automate and deliver your organization with the perceptibility, several tools, and advanced technology you want to meet the demands of your company

Major Advantages Solution

Increase Revenue

The preference of implementing anonline based ERP Software can add to your business extensively because it provides quick access real-time information anywhere and anytime. It assists you recognize new opportunities of sales, carry new products to the marketplace, and afford business-building strategies for the preeminent customer support


Improve Efficiency

The well-developed solution successfully brings together the information flow and customers, which make certain secure & proper development management. One centralized repository data automatically improve business effectiveness by providing the right information to the exact people also by deleting unnecessary data entries.


ERP Software Meets End To End Necessities

A complete business solution used for developed equipped with a user friendly interface and serves as the prime enterprise resource planning application. It gives all the organizational functions that let the users modify and backup data, describe currency exchange rates, configure permissions that enlarge its importance far beyond its primary managerial function and streamlines your entire company processes.


Maintain Your IT Software Solution

Still bound to the legacy system, why put up with the software that will soon outgrow? Slow software performance, out-of-date information, restrictions & limitations on data storage space and confining the restrictions over a wide number of immediate users and places that will all be the facts of the earlier period.

ERP Software
  • Better Resource utilization
  • Project & Task accounting & management
  • Improve service value & Grow margins
  • Streamline billing and expense management


Some Advantages of Online ERP Solution

  • Users can have access from anywhere
  • Faster communication than any other traditional ERP
  • By utilizing this, users can predict overall cost and effort of the project
  • Ensures effective suppliers & customer managements
  • Saves much time and effort of employees
  • It reduces worries and hassles about various technical problems
  • Concerned about providing a centralized database system

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