required by applicable laws and regulations

the Board of Directors follows the procedures and standards that are set forth in these guidelines

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct Policy outlines our expectations concerning employees’ behavior, managers and entire company.

We encourage liberty of open communication and expression. But we apprehend all employees, managers, supervisors to follow our code of conduct. They should avert offence, not participating in serious disputes and disrupting in our workplace. We also hope them to support a well-disciplined, respectful and cooperative environment.


This policy applies to all employees regardless of employment contract or rank.

Policy elements

What are the elements of a Code of Conduct Company Policy?

Company employees are destined by their agreement to follow our Code of Conduct Policy while performing their duties.

Compliance with law

All employees must defend our company’s legitimacy. They should observe with all collaborative environmental, conservation and fair dealing laws. We expect employees to be moral and responsible when dealing with our finances, partnerships, products and public image.

Respect in the workplace

All employees should respect their members. We won’t permit any kind of incisive behavior, oppression or victimization. Employees should conform with our equal prospect policy in all aspects of their job, from recruitment and performance assessment to interpersonal relationship.

Protection of Company Property

All employees should protect our company’s property, whether intangible, respect and care.


Shouldn’t abuse company instruments.

Should respect all kinds of company's property. This includes trademarks, copyright and other property. Employees should utilization them only to complete their work.


All our employees must show professionalism and honesty in the workplace

Personal appearance

All our employees must follow personal appearanceand our dress code.

Job duties and authority

All our employees should complete their duties with honesty and admiration toward customers, investors and the community. Managers must not abuse their power. We expect them to appoint their duties to their team members taking into account their workload and competences. Likewise, we expect all team members to follow their team leaders’ instructions and fulfill their work with skill and in a timely manner.

Absenteeism and tardiness

Employees should follow their time schedules. We can make exceptions for occasions that prevent employees from following standard working days. But, mostly, we expect employees to be punctual when coming to and leaving from job.

Conflict of interest

We expect all our employees to avoid any personal, pecuniary or other benefits that might hinder their willingness to do their job duties.


All employees must be friendly for communication with their members, managers.


We expect our employees to not misuse their job benefits. This can refer insurance, subscriptions, facilities or other benefits our company offers

Disciplinary actions

We may have to take disciplinarian action ag ainst employees who intentionally fail to follow our code of conduct policy. Disciplinarian actions will carry depending on the violation.



Possible outcomes include

Suspensionfor more serious offenses

Detraction of benefits for a definite or indefinite time

We may take authorized action in cases of dishonesty, stealing, misappropriation or other illegal behavior

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